Are you looking for a dedicated writer to help you curate compelling, relevant articles with appropriate research? Are you in need of crafting a stronger voice for your company, website, magazine, or newspaper?

Going on ten years of writing, with years of editorial experience, I pride myself in producing the best content possible. Each topic is written with research, multiple drafts, and a strong voice. Subject flexibility is available, and each piece is given the necessary time and unwavering attention. For this reason, with each piece I put my name to, I must be proud for it to be published. 


Various articles of mine have been featured on Cohorted Cult, as well as an essay on 1888 Center


I am on the editorial board of Calliope, Chapman University’s art and literary magazine, Spring of 2020.


I have editorial experience with nonprofit organizations such as Daughters Rising and So Say We all.

In addition to the services listed below, I also provide personal coaching, resume crafting, blog management, social media marketing, and ghostwriting.



(Magazine or newspaper)

Rates depend on word count.


Curating ideas, relevant content, clarity, and in-depth research on related topics.





Style considerations, rewriting, fact checking, grammar, clarity, spelling, typos, consistency, and continuity.





Cleaning up, spelling, grammar, typos, line breaks, consistency, gaps between words, widows/orphans, and punctuation.

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