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Photo by Meriel O'Connell


Welcome friends! My name is Angela Dawson, (she/her/hers). I study creative writing, with a small focus in Women and Gender Studies, at Chapman University in Orange, California. I am on the editorial board of Chapman's student run art and literary magazine, Calliope, Editor-in-Chief of Spring 2020.


Writing found me eight years ago while studying in New Zealand. Alongside this blog, I dabble in poetry, prose, nonfiction, fiction, and photography. Often you'll find me running on the caffeine jitters, brewing up yet another cup of coffee throughout all hours of the day.

The Blog

Morning Brew's mission is to tackle topics of gender, sex, health, well-being, and travel. Each article is opinion based, with various sources to support as needed. All photographs featured on the website are original photos taken by the author, unless stated otherwise.


This blog was inspired by the idea of adding a short read to your morning ritual.